portability - that’s why it's called mobile digital art

no mess or fumes - that’s the digital part

innovative - join a growing community of iPad artists

insanely fun - that’s the best reason!


Since I got my first iPad, 6 years ago, I have painted on it in my studio, during trips, and at live music performances. I am a member of iAMDA, the International Association of Mobile Digital Artists, and was invited to give a presentation on live iPad painting at a conference in New York City. I have exhibited iPad art at Stanford’s Schwab Center, at the Morris Graves Museum of Arts, at  Humboldt State University and at the mDAC Summit, The Mobil Digital Art & Creativity Summit in Palo Alto, during the last four years. You’ll be studying with a pioneer in a brand new art form.


I have developed introductory curricula for my favorite apps: Procreate, Paper by Fifty Three, and Art Studio. Such a start will launch an iPad student! I've offered my iPad painting workshop at the OLLI program at Humboldt State University, at the Mendocino Art Center and at Eureka Studio Arts. I also have private students.


Each lesson will consist of a demonstration of a specific set of  features, followed by individual work on the iPad with guidance from me. This format allows me to the meet the needs of each student in the class. Between classes students are invited to email me their iPad creations and questions.


All that is required to get started is an iPad,a stylus, an app, and a willingness to try something new. No art or digital art background is required. Professional artists will enjoy adding a mobile digital platform to their toolset.



Contact me for private lessons:
I will post upcoming workshops under upcoming events



OLLI workshops take place in the comfortable and beautifully located Humboldt Bay Aquatics Center in Eureka.