Mobile Digital Art

How do I create iPadJAZZart: 


Equipped with my iPad, I arrive early at jazz events, in order to get a seat, from which I can see well. I start my work by painting the stage, and when the musicians arrive I add them one at a time on separate layers (the app I use, allows me to toggle back and forth between many layers). As band members come and go and change position, I move back and forth on the separate layers of the painting, building and molding the image. My stylus becomes a large variety of tools: A fine pointed pencil, a wide brush, a spray can and an eraser. All the colors in the rainbow are available. I create my own textures. I paint as long as the performance lasts. I have found that the deep focus intensifies my experience of the music. Often I feel as if am putting on a performance myself for the people around me. Many of my iPad paintings are autographed by the musicians. 

making jazz art, Healdsburg Jazz Festival, Vijay Iyer,, Claire Iris Schencke
In this photo I am painting on the iPad during a jam session at the Healdsburg Hotel, at the Healdsburg Jazz Festival, photo: G Inkeles

I create visual jazz art on my iPad. Like jazz itself, my paintings are improvised during live performances.


This shows me finger painting on the iPad during an interview of a blasé looking Roy Haynes - I think he would rather be drumming - at the Raven Theatre, the Healdsburg Jazz Festival. Now my favorite tool is the pixel loaded iPad Pro, with its sleek Pencil. Favorite apps are: Procreate, Paper by Fifty-three, ArtStudio and Zen Brush