Mobile Digital Art

making jazz art, Healdsburg Jazz Festival, Vijay Iyer,, Claire Iris Schencke
In this photo I am painting on the iPad during a jam session at the Healdsburg Hotel, at the Healdsburg Jazz Festival, photo: G Inkeles

How do I create iPadJAZZart: 


Equipped with my iPad, I arrive early at jazz events, in order to get a seat, from which I can see well. I start my work by painting the stage, and when the musicians arrive I add them one at a time on separate layers (the app I use, allows me to toggle back and forth between many layers). As band members come and go and change position, I move back and forth on the separate layers of the painting, building and molding the image. My stylus becomes a large variety of tools: A fine pointed pencil, a wide brush, a spray can and an eraser. All the colors in the rainbow are available. I create my own textures. I paint as long as the performance lasts. I have found that the deep focus intensifies my experience of the music. Often I feel as if am putting on a performance myself for the people around me. Many of my iPad paintings are autographed by the musicians. 

I create visual jazz art on my iPad. Like jazz itself, my paintings are improvised during live performances.


This shows me finger painting on the iPad during an interview of a blasé looking Roy Haynes - I think he would rather be drumming - at the Raven Theatre, the Healdsburg Jazz Festival. Now my favorite tool is the pixel loaded iPad Pro, with its sleek Pencil. Favorite apps are: Procreate, Paper by Fifty-three, ArtStudio and Zen Brush